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Since 1953, Elevator World, Inc. has been the primary advocate and voice for the international building transportation industry.  Readers and advertisers are dedicated to Elevator World’s network of magazines and websites because they are considered the most credible sources of industry news and information, covering all corners of the “elevator world”.  The most well-respected professionals in the industry help write, review and influence our publications, providing readers with news and market information they can trust.  With the industry’s leading circulation and reach, we strive to provide thought leadership and game-changing strategies to help promote the entire industry, and to assist companies in creating a stronger demand for their products and services in the market(s) they serve.

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Elevator World (EW)


Published monthly, EW is the premier magazine for the international building transportation industry.  Readers and advertisers are dedicated to EW because it is considered the most credible source of industry news and information. EW is read in 80+ countries, has a total magazine readership of more than 36,000, and is available in print, digital and app format.

Covers: International Market

The Elevator World Source


The ELEVATOR WORLD Source, published annually in print and digital format, is the the most comprehensive directory for the vertical transportation industry. Since 1984, elevator contractors, architects, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, government agencies, educators, building owners and facility managers worldwide have used the Source to locate companies, specify products and purchase goods and services.

Covers: International Market

Elevator World Europe (EWEU)


ELEVATOR WORD Europe (EWEU) is a new magazine that will be launched in early 2019 and published bi-monthly for the fast-growing European lift market. The print edition will consist of a paid/controlled circulation published in English with German, Italian, Spanish and French translations available in digital format for free. Initial print distribution will be to 2,500 industry professionals that work within or do business in this market.

Covers: Europe

Elevator World United Kingdom (EWUK)

Elevator World Publisher for International Building Transportation

ELEVATOR WORLD United Kingdom (EWUK), formerly Elevation, is a quarterly publication solely focused on the United Kingdom lift industry. The print edition consists of a paid/controlled circulation of 1,000 with a complimentary digital distribution of 1,500. The magazine is published in English and supported by a monthly email newsletter and website to keep the local industry up-to-date and informed.

Covers: United Kingdom

Elevator World India (EWI)


ELEVATOR WORD India (EWI) is a quarterly magazine published in English. The experienced partnership of Elevator World, Inc. and Virgo Communications, organizer of the Global Lift & Escalator Expo held in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, has helped grow EWI to reach more than 10,000 qualified industry professionals through print and digital publications.

Covers: India and Surrounding Regions

Elevator World China (EWC)


ELEVATOR WORLD China (EWC) is a biannual publication published in English and Chinese for the World Elevator & Escalator Expo held in China. 5,000 copies of the publication are distributed to all visitors and exhibitors, as well as to key companies and organizations in the elevator and building-related sectors in China.

Covers: China and Surrounding Regions

Elevator World Turkey (EWT)


ELEVATOR WORLD Turkey (EWT) is published bimonthly in English and Turkish. A branch office, located in Istanbul, is staffed by local authors and a production team who create the magazine to include the most relevant market-specific content. The magazine is distributed to more than 5,000 industry consumers through a print publication and digital newsstand editions.

Covers: Turkey, Middle East and Europe

Elevator World Middle East (EWME)


ELEVATOR WORLD Middle East (EWME) is a quarterly magazine published in English and Arabic for the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf region. EWME is circulated to more than 5,000 visitors and key companies in the elevator and building-related sector through print and digital editions.

Covers: Middle East, North Africa and Gulf Region

Subir & Bajar


Subir & Bajar is published bimonthly in Spanish and is considered the preeminent publication for the Latin American elevator market. Elevator World is the official international sales and marketing agent for the magazine. It is distributed free-of-charge to more than 2,000 elevator-related companies, trade associations, builders and government entities in the Spanish-language community.

Covers: Latin America